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4 Comments to “Comment Policy”

  1. Hi Loretta! It’s neenie1991 here. Your blog is beautiful! I just began my own here at wordpress as well. It’s a great demonstration of me showing my age and memory loss…wow! I love your header…it’s you! I’m now a follower and I’ll be checking out your writing. I left NV as you know, but I peeked today at the NEW NV – ugly. I’m glad you’re here!

    • Hi, good to see you here. I tried to go to your blog but it says “not found.” Perhaps you’re not yet ready for the public. Do you need help setting it up? If so, let me know.

      I’d like to follow your blog too.

      Glad you’re here. I need to get going on this blog again. Yes, NV is terrible now. Everyone is complaining. Big mistake they made.

  2. Hi there –

    My name is Alex and I just had a quick question about your blog. Please email me back at your earliest convenience!

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