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May 6, 2012

Humiliated Elizabeth Edwards ripped her blouse and bra off at airport

“You don’t see me anymore,” Elizabeth Edwards screamed as she tore off her blouse and bra, revealing breasts deformed by the grueling treatment inflicted on breast cancer victims. John Edwards “didn’t have much of a reaction,” testified Christina Reynolds, a former Edwards communications adviser and friend of his wife.
Woman holding her chest by Vicky  Emptage
Her agony was on full display for all to see at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina in October, 2007. She’d first stormed away and collapsed in an anguished heap in front of a private hangar after learning the National Enquirer published the disturbing details of John’s affair with Rielle Hunter. Reynolds and other female staffers coaxed her into the bathroom to calm down, but, still filled with grief, she returned to confront her husband with her bare breasts. Reynolds and other staffers rushed to cover her naked body, then convinced her to get back in the waiting car where they huddled with her, offering what comfort they could.

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